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Hi-Care Diagnostics operates a Digital X-Ray center that offers low-cost X-Ray Facilities in Kanpur.

An X-ray examination is a painless way for clinicians to diagnose and monitor many health conditions. X-rays are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves and it produces images of bones and certain tissues within the body.

Advantages of Digital X-Ray:

  • Enhanced images
  • No radiation used to produce an image
  • Time efficiency
  • Immediate availability of the image to preview
  • Cost-efficient

X-Ray 500MA DR Tests Available:

  • Barium Study Barium Swallow

  • BMFT

  • Barium Meal

  • Leopogrom

  • Sinogram

  • Fistulegram

  • IVP

  • HSG


  • OPG

  • General Radiography

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